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Evan Mustard "Brush Strokes" 2021

New York based guitarist Evan Mustard's current release Brush Strokes features three brilliantly crafted original compositions. The guitarist earned his Masters in Jazz Studies at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2013. Currently, Mustard teaches locally and performs in a variety of creative ensembles at jazz clubs and festivals across the United States. Brush Strokes finds the guitarist in an intimate solo setting showcasing his exceptional acoustic playing. "Hudson River Fog" eloquently swings with intricate chord voicings and great single note embellishments. On "Meditation Blues" Mustard creates an alluring minor keyed groove featuring some flashy pentatonic riffing. "Dappled Sunlight" includes some tasteful Wes Montgomery style octaves, intricate chord changes, and masterful soloing. There is a timeless yet timely quality to Mustard's music, paying homage to the past yet firmly embracing the future. This album is highly recommended for all fans of acoustic jazz guitar and beyond.


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